Born in South Korea, Sawool Kim moved to Boston in 2013 and began her MFA degree program. She earned the M.F.A. in interdisciplinary art at Tufts-School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2016. With this change in environment, she has proactively attempted to expand experimental territories in her practice. Sawool Kim collects everything that lies at the interface between existence and non-existence: animals in danger of extinction, ancient relics, out-of-production goods and lucid dream recordings. Based on the collected resources as seeds, she captures narrative image cells which is proliferated and decontextualized via her old habits: lucid dream experiments and imaginations. Each resultant image is recorded as an index - a visual dictionary. The indexed images will be recreated as if they were rewoven and unified together, and eventually given a rebirth to a jumbled scene. Throughout this procedure, she believes that everything disappearing soon can be revived in her work after being placed in the organic layer of rhizomatic structure, undergoes a series of visual transformations, and finally turns into a sustainable and meaningful presence. To this end, she creates a moment in which logic and fantasy intersect and overlap, unconsciousness and reality come together, and existence and non-existence explore one another.
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