Born in South Korea, Sawool Kim moved to Boston in 2013 and began her MFA degree program. She earned the M.F.A. in interdisciplinary art at Tufts-School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2016. With this change in environment, she has proactively attempted to expand experimental territories in her practice. Sawool Kim gets inspired by lucid dreams, endangered species, out-of-production items, buried knowledge, and artifacts while collecting resources from them. She is interested in a visual circuit of thinking in which the collected resources interact and assemble with fragments of memories, unconsciousness and imaginations. As recognized instantly in her mind, the thought flows in the circuit undergo endless, visual self-censorship and purification, and finally turn into a concrete form to be recorded as a drawing. Identities of objects in the drawing are vague but mingled with one another, transforming themselves to a decontextualized hybrid thing that displays both tension and fusion. The hybridized objects can further expand their narratives through rhizomatic connections. She creates a delicate mind-scape where evoking memories, truth and fantasy, layers of different meanings, and her constant exploration can coexist and revive.